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Lulu Life

Who we are - the producers

Our Philosophy - fairer trade

We are women working in cooperative groups throughout south Sudan. We have suffered greatly as a result of war and famine, and now want to rebuild our lives and communities. Ourselves. Depending on our own strengths and resources.

For generations we have extracted, used and cherished the lulu from the Shea tree forests which we protect. In 2000 a small NGO began to help us combine our traditional knowledge with improved techniques to develop, package, market and distribute globally the highest quality nilotic shea butter products.

We call our products Lulu Life. And since 2007 we have been registered in Sudan and Kenya as Lulu Works Trust, LTD as a worker-owned enterprise – the only producer of Sudanese shea butter in the world. Learn more about us in this amazing video done by our friend Faith Model.

Most shea butter is exported from Africa as nuts. We know we can process a better butter and produce a quality body care product. We want even FAIRER TRADE - by adding value to our butter ourselves, selling to you direct and ensuring maximum returns to our members. Contact us for our annual report and see where your money goes.

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