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Lulu Life

To purchase direct from us in Kenya please follow this link
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To purchase in the US please follow this link to our ETSY store.

Sugar Scrub, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs

Body Butter

We select only the very finest nuts to extract virgin cold press Grade A Lulu. Our body butter is 100% pure, retaining all the extraordinary natural properties which make it so special. Available unscented or with a variety of essential & fragrance oils.

All made with our Nilotica Shea Butter base, we offer a wide variety of soaps: 2 special face soaps, 3 different solid shampoo bars, a solid conditioner bar, felt covered soaps, soap-filled luffas, plus a wide variety of hand & body soaps.

Nilotica shea butter, local beeswax and optional flavor oils. Lip balm comes plain or with bubble gum, spearmint, citrus, vanilla or strawberry flavors.


For the scrub, sugar mixed with shea butter simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes naturally. We've blended the body scrubs with lavender, peppermint or vanilla.

Soaps, Shampoos & Hair Products

Lip Balm

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