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Nature's emollient

Shea butter is a natural botanical oil long known for its medicinal, cosmetic, and nutritional properties. Since the days of the Pharoahs, shea butter has been prized for its skin-healing and enhancing properties.

Rich in vitamins E , F and anti-oxidants, shea butter is used in the most exclusive skincare products; even a tiny fraction of shea butter in the ingredients adds great value to any cosmetic product.

Recent research concludes that, due to its unique fatty-acid composition, shea butter actually contributes to cellular growth and cell regeneration, leading to faster healing and younger looking skin.

Shea butter soothes and moisturises dry, chapped or damaged skin and hair. It is used for the treatment of exzema and rosacea, mild sunburn, superficial burns, and stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Shea has no known toxicity and is non-allergenic making it appropriate as a baby product for diaper rash and cradle cap.

BUT NOT ALL SHEA BUTTER IS THE SAME. Only shea butter that is cold-processed contains the highest level of these healing properties. Read more.....

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