Lulu Life

Buy online HERE and 100% of your money will return to the cooperative - no middlemen. We believe that Lululife is the only shea product range in the world that allows you to buy direct from the producers. This ensures our competitive prices for such a unique and high quality product, while still allowing maximum returns to our cooperative members.

We have many family and friends who help us; we call them "Friends of Lulu". At present they are in the UK, US , France and Spain. They work as volunteer-agents selling our shea to their friends, at local fairs and markets, and telling their local shop keepers about our product.

Contact us if you want to become a Friend or find a Friend near you.

We partner with fair trade and other socially responsible business partners. We sell to them at wholesale and they sell to you in different locations around the world at a retail price they establish. Find a retailer near you or contact us if you want to become a Lulu Retailer.

Friends of Lulu


Direct Sales

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